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Goldilocks For Dinner

Goblin and Troll are headed to town for tea, hoping they don't run into any wretched children. Children are smelly and rude! Goblin has an idea: they'll find the rudest child of all and have it for dinner! Filled with a cast of familiar storytime characters like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, here's a fresh read-aloud with the feel of a classic fairy tale. Chock-full of rude characters and sly humor, and with a twist ending, this surprising story is sure to leave kids roaring with laughter.

Everyone knows most young saplings dream of becoming Christmas trees. But one grumpy, old tree who doesn't like lights, decorations, or people is determined to be different. Get ready to meet The Halloween Tree!

The Halloween Tree

As Mama says, “Time for bed,” Lollipop throws her arms overhead. She just can’t stop, jumping and snapping to the beat of hip hop. She dances down the long hall to brush her teeth and get ready for bed, with her knees jutting, hands tutting, arms cranking and body swanking. She calls out night-night to her family, as she puts on her pjs, blows kisses to the dj, and tries to settle down and go to sleep.  

Schwartz & Wade Books

Hip Hop Lollipop
My Dog's a Chicken - Children's picture book

My Dog's A Chicken

Lula Mae wants a puppy, but times are hard and she’ll just have to make do. Her family has plenty of chickens, so she decides maybe a chicken can be a dog. 
Pookie, as Lula Mae names her, is an ordinary chicken, but Lula Mae thinks she is very doglike indeed. With a bow in Pookie’s hair, Lula Mae declares her a show dog. When she runs circles around the other chickens, Pookie is a shepherd dog. And when Cousin Tater sneaks up with a snake and Pookie starts bawk, bawk, bawking, well, she’s a guard dog, too. Then Lula Mae’s brother, Baby Berry, wanders away, and who do you think comes to the rescue? 
Readers will cheer for plucky Lula Mae and giggle over her beloved Pookie, who quite unknowingly saves the day.

Schwartz & Wade 

Children's Picture Books - Who's the Grossest of Them All?

Who's The Grossest of Them All?

Goblin declares himself the nastiest, most horrible, creature in the forest. But, when he meets Troll a competition ensues to prove just who is the grossest of them all. The first judge declares Troll most disgusting, the second judge declares Goblin most foul, and then the tie-breaking judge, a not-so-sweet little girl, surprises them all.

Schwartz & Wade Books 

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